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Sorority Recruitment Services

Sorority Recruitment Services:

**Full Service Client - $500**

                          *15 custom recruitment packets (each packet includes custom pocket folder,

                                     2 large envelopes, resume, photo labels, coordinating letterhead,

                                     mailing labels, return address labels, and thank you notes)

                          *Printed cover page/letter with RIF and support writer information for each packet

                          *Resume editing with photo added to front page

                          *Print labels to be mailed/delivered to both RIF and Support Letter writers and the Sorority Houses

                          *Print photos and photo labels

                          *Assemble packets for RIF writers and Support Letter writers

                          *Provide list of all sororities and contact information at your daughter's university

                          *Make sure deadlines are met

                          *Additional folder packets can be ordered for $25 each


DIY Packets:

If you prefer to only purchase packets and take care of the rest of the work, you can find the necessary items at the following link.

Sorority Packets Items "À la carte"


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