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Sorority Recruitment Services

The #1 question I hear is "My friend who is writing my Letter of Recommendation said they do everything online.  Do sororities still want physical packets?" 

The answer varies from school to school and sorority to sorority.  Just because the sorority has a national-level online Letter of Recommendation submission doesn't mean the sorority girls at YOUR school don't want to see your precious folders!  You must research YOUR school and each sorority there.  If the local sorority gives a physical address for letters of recommendation, I can almost guarantee they are receiving precious packets from other potential new members. 

I equate it to when my kids were at summer camp and the camp was trying to phase out daily care packages that some parents would send.  The first year, camp requested that parents only send one care package per week.  I followed the rules and sent one, really great care package per week.  When I picked them up from camp, I asked if other parents followed the rules.  My kids said, "Oh no, multiple kids still received care packages every day". Guess who inadvertently looked like the parent who didn't care! 

The moral of the story is "Given the opportunity, people will always try to get ahead by doing something a little bit better"!  Let that person be YOU!

My suggestion is to send a physical packet to each sorority that gives a physical address on their Recruitment information webpage.  The girls in the sororities do notice.  If they don't give a physical address, then I'd say it's safe to assume they don't care to see the packet.  And in that case, I'd say it's ok to send your Rec writer a digital packet and save yourself some money. 

I am in no way suggesting that your packet will get you in to any sorority - it certainly won't.  It is a decision based on how the sorority feels after getting to know you and how you feel about the sorority after getting to know them!  People come to me looking for advice and I'm only suggesting to make an effort to make a great first impression.


"But I'm sending the packet to an alumni.  How do I know she will send it on?" 

Include a large envelope addressed to the sorority in the packet that you give to your Rec writer.  Then in your cover letter to her, ask her to forward your packet on to the sorority house once she has submitted her Letter of Recommendation.  I like to give specific instructions to each Rec writer.  This way, they don't have to do anything but write/submit the Rec and then put your packet in the mailbox.  Easy Peasy!


Sorority Recruitment Services:

**Full Service Client - $200 + packets**


  • Printed cover page/letter with RIF and support writer information detailed for each packet
  • Resume editing/formatting with photo added to front page
  • Flyer Design
  • Digital Packets for each Rec/Support Letter writers
  • Assemble packets for RIF writers and Support Letter writers
  • Place all stickers/labels
  • Provide list of all sororities and contact information at your university
  • Make sure deadlines are met

Custom recruitment packets are priced a la carte, based on your desires.  Most packets include a custom pocket folder, 2 large envelopes, resume, photo labels, coordinating letterhead, mailing labels, return address labels, thank you notes, quick information stickers, and monogram stickers.


Visit my Sorority Recruitment FAQ page for more information.



DIY Packets:

If you prefer to only purchase packets and take care of the rest of the work, you can find the necessary items at the following link.

Sorority Packets Items "À la carte"


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