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Monograms 101

Monograms and Personalization 101


Here are the guidelines for formatting
your Monograms and Personalization
 {Each item has a "Special Notes" section. This is where you can add instructions regarding how you would like your personalization set up.
For instance... Monogram above the name.... Monogram lower right...
Center the name on the initial, etc....
Otherwise, we will set your order up as it best fits the item}
{Traditional Monogram} 
Anna Catherine Brown  or  Adam Charles Brown
first name on the left     LAST NAME IN THE MIDDLE     maiden/middle on the right
{Straight Monogram}
for John Fitzgerald Kennedy or Jane Frances Kennedy
The Letters are EVEN with no variation in size.
(Couples Monogram}
Anna and Charles Baker
woman's first name initial on the left... the man's goes on the right 
The man's first name should never be separated from his last.
So, if you are personalizing an item with the couple's names
Anna and Charles Baker {correct}
Charles and Anna Baker {incorrect}
The Bakers / The Davises/ The Adamses {correct}
vs. The Baker's {incorrect}
Exception to the rule: The Miller's Cabin / The Smith's Pool
When in doubt..."The Smith Family" always works
For names, use upper and lowercase as you want them to appear
your order will be typeset as you submit it.
If you have any questions regarding personalization,
please contact us...we'll be happy to help!


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